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Stock, 3x ETF, and  SP 500 Futures Swing Trading Services via subscription

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Hi Dave,

It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in. I hope all’s well with you. Couple weeks ago I re-upped for my 2nd year in SRP. Just wanted to say thanks for all the excellent trade alerts over the past year. I’m really enjoying your service as a valuable component of my overall market approach. I’ve also noticed that you don’t go crazy with new alerts when the market/sentiment is iffy, which is impressive. Great job (not that you need me to tell you that!)- Matt Shearer
“You are the “real deal” in all my time trying out newsletters, you are by far the best! 
Thanks again” , Don Smith- SRP Member  
“Hi Dave – Awesome trading for many weeks now!  If you need a referral (not that you do), send folks my way and I’ll be happy to recommend they join ASAP (already have done so on another to 2 guys in the last couple of weeks).  I’m in 4 of your services, SRP, TPS, 3xETF and E Mini”. 
Best, Farid M.   
 “I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again. I’ve been a subscriber in three of Dave’s services – SRP, TPS and 3xETF for about a year now. Because I feel so highly in regards to Dave’s services and the performance I’ve experienced; my daughter, my brother and another friend have become subscribers to at least one of his services. I’m working on a couple other people as well? Dave thanks so much for all you do!”   JTD26 on Stocktwits

” Thank you Dave!… In my books you’re one of the best … I’ve been a SRP/Tipping Point/ 3X member for at least two years now and I will dare to say that I now trust Dave 100%. All I can say is, Do what Dave tells you! Period” @clearspan Stocktwits 

“By the way I want to thank you once again for the amazing service you are offering…Have been a member of SRP for more than 4 years and I really have no words…only huge respect and gratitude…my account keeps growing steadily and consistently…it’s really a blessing for me and my family…The 3xETF service is a huge additional value to my portfolio and I plan to join more of your services very soon…” Bill L. 3x ETF and SRP Member

Track records published on all closed trades for all services.

Nov 1st 2020 Podcast: Dave discusses how he uses Behavioral patterns combined with fundamental analysis to enter and exit profitable swing trades.  Discussion on Elliott Wave Theory, Position Sizing, Timing and more. Discover how Dave’s unique contrarian methodology helps produce consistent results in all market cycles.

  • The Market Analysts Group, LLC was formed in 2009 to provide Market Forecasting and Swing Trading expertise via subscription services to members.  We cover SP 500 Futures Trading, Growth Stock Research and Investing, Stock and 3x ETF Swing Trading services, plus Behavioral based Stock Market Forecasting!
  • David Banister is also featured on Stocktwits as a Premium Trading Room Advisor for both 3x ETF and SP 500 Futures with stunning track records on both services. The only member of Stocktwits with 2 Premium Rooms (3 Million users)

  • Our Chief Strategist, Dave Banister,  has been a featured writer and guest on regarding Gold forecasting with Alix Steele.
  • David is widely followed and known as “Stockreversals” on with 65,000 followers (@stockreversals)

  • David was a regular contributor on with Thom Calandra in the early 2000’s covering small cap stocks.
  • David also has written extensively about Gold on, been quoted on Bloomberg, and is a Seeking Alpha certified contributor as well as an author of articles at multiple investor websites.

David, I found you on stocktwits and became a subscriber to your premium service (debating tipping point at the moment). You’ve proved to be invaluable and certainly hope to be half the trader you are. Thanks for what you do!
-Colin Lau

Hi Dave- I belong to SRP and Tipping Point and just want to tell you I think you have the best service by far that I’ve ever come across.  I not only make money from the trades but am learning to be more disciplined with your sell alerts and just learning in general from the reports about the stocks. So thank you.
-Katya- Member

65,000+ Followers on, the leading online forum for Active Investors.

One of only 25 Members out of 3 Million Users on with a premium trading room. Dave actually runs two of them in fact, the 3x ETF and SP 500 Futures Swing Trading rooms which you can subscribe to.


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“David, you are, without a doubt, one of the best if not the best Elliott Wave guys I am aware of” – 8/30/17,  Peter Brandt, CEO, Factor LLC #10 2017 Twitter Favorite Traders Poll.
Specializing in Elliott Wave based Market and Sector Forecasting and Futures Trading. I also advise my subscribers daily on low risk high upside Stock and ETF Swing Trades with dramatic results since inception. I look for substantial market out-performance with less risk and volatility than the SP 500.

USE COUPON CODE “SAVE25” for 25% off SRP or TPS memberships when registering. 

Premium Subscription Offerings:

  • Stock Swing Trading and Market Forecasting-
  • 3x ETF Bull and Bear Pairs Swing Trading on
  • Long-Term Growth Stock Research Reports and Advisory Service-
  • SP 500 Futures Trading Alerts Room on

Swing Trading and Market Forecasting-

  • Morning pre-market reports daily
  • SMS text, Email, and Post for Swing Trade alerts
  • Active buy and sell advice
  • 70% success rate since September 2013 inception.
  • Combining Fundamental analysis with Behavioral Patterns to time entry and exits into Swing Trades for our members.
  • Track Record online (Historic Track record for Stock Swing Service)
  • 2019, 2020, and 2021 results on all trades, updated weekly

3X ETF Trading Strategies: For Bull and Bear Cycles –

    • 3x ETF Trading of Bull and Bear leveraged ETF’s
    • Trading pairs like BGU/BGZ, LABU/LABD, TNA/TZA and more!
    • Hosted on, $40 per month
    • Morning notes and charts and Trade alerts with entry, exit, targets provided
    • Stunning Track Record since October 2019 Inception

Long-Term Growth Stock Research Reports and Advisory Service

  • Proprietary Research focused on small to mid sized publicly traded companies on the verge of major recognition by investors and growth
  • Aiming for 50-200% gains on each position within 3 months to 12 months
  • Active portfolio advisory adding and deleting positions based on results
  • Regular updates on all position with active advice
  • Specializing in Post IPO research, Momentum Plays, Sector leaders, Emerging small cap names, and more!

SP 500 Futures Trading Alerts Room on

  • Daily morning SP 500 and ES Contract charts with commentary
  • Guidance on SP 500 movements in advance using proprietary Elliott Wave analysis mixed in with other Fibonacci and related indicators
  • Trade Alerts sent via Email, Post, and Push Notifications on Apple and Android
  • $50 a month to join, must be a stocktwits registered member
  • Since October 2018 on Stocktwits!

  • Details on Stocktwits Room, go to ESALERTS.COM